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Acoustic Levels Explained
A guide to sound levels and their suitability for your business needs so you can be well informed when choosing your glass partitions.
Lizzanno 34dB Rw TESTED Single Glazed Door
The Lizzanno TESTED 34db rw single glazed door is increasing in popularity as acoustic performance becomes a higher priority for clients.
New Brochure
The latest Lizzanno brochure includes new photography of recent projects, information on the Lz Single Glazed and Lz Double Glazed systems with diagrams and 3D renders as well as a guide to doorset op
Stortford Interiors Project Wins Gold Award from the AIS
Stortford Interiors Win Prestigious Gold award from the AIS - We were delighted to work with Strortford Interiors on their award-winning project at Eaton Court in Hemel Hempstead where we supplied a d
FIS Membership
Lizzanno Partitions is proud to be an accredited member of the FIS (finishes and interiors sector).