Seamless Integration

Lizzanno partitions and doorsets were ordered for this office fit-out project in London. The brief: to integrate seamlessly with the interior design scheme which was clean, slick, white and pristine. While not the strongest design feature in the scheme themselves, the doorsets and partitions needed to complement the strong images and inspirational wording on the walls and blend into the overall design of the office.

Partitions were used to create a boardroom, numerous small meeting rooms, a break-out area, offices and several large meeting rooms. Each set of partitions and doors was designed to work with the styling of the room and the function of that area. This was achieved via manifestations on glass, from subtle patterns to blocks of colours and text. Other sets of partitions were left as transparent glass with white trackwork to give more emphasis to the other design elements in each area.

If you have any questions about how to seamlessly incorporate partitions into your next project, the team would be happy to help and can provide further case studies and suggestions. Contact us on 01444 230807 or email to pick our brains!